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ACRES Singapore

ACTAsia for Animals

ADDA Argentina

Africa Network for Animal Welfare

Animal Active

Animal Aid Unlimited Udaipur

Animal Amnesty

Animal Balance Cape Verde

Animal Cruelty Investigations California

Animal Defenders Australia

Animal Health Foundation - Gujarat

Animal House Jamaica

Animal Justice Party

Animal Liberation Newcastle

Animal Liberation ACT

Animal Liberation NSW

Animal Liberation NZ

Animal Liberation Queensland

Animal Liberation SA

Animal Liberation Victoria

Animal People USA

Animal Rescue Beijing

Animal Rescue Kerala Charitable Trust

Animal Rights & Rescue FNQ

Animal Rights Action Network Ireland

Animal Rights Advocates

Animal Rights Committee Georgia

Animal Rights Fund

Animal Voice

Animal Welfare Network Nepal

Animal Welfare Trust, Colombo

Animalia Wildlife Shelter

Animals 24_7

Animals Asia Foundation

Animals Australia

Animals Lebanon

Animed Arad Romania

APOWA Odisha

Arunachala Animal Sanctuary

Asociatia Prietenii Pisicilor Romania

ASRA Chickballapur

Aussie Farms Farm Transparency

Aust Wildlife Assistance

Australian Brumby Alliance

Australian Wildlife Protection Council

Baboon Matters

Ballarat Organisation of Animal Rights

Bat Advocacy

Becky's Barnyard

Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Better Life Animal Sanctuary

Blackfish Holland

Blue Cross Chennai

Brightside Farm Sanctuary

Burke Veterinary Hospital

C.A.R.E Primates South Africa

Campaign against Canned Hunting

Cartmans Bangalore

Cat Adoption Foundation Inc

Cat Adoption Teams ACT

Cee4Life Indonesia

Centre for Orangutans Project Sumatra

Challenge 22 Israel

Coalition against Duck Shooting

Coast to Coast

Coexistence of Animal rights on Earth South Korea

Colin Campbell USA

Compassion in World Farming UK

Compassionate Crusaders Kolkota

CP Ramaswami Aiyar Foundation

Compassion Unlimited Plus Action CUPA

Daisy Hope Romania

Darjeeling Goodwill Animal Shelter

Darwin Primate Group

Debra Morris Piggery Fund

Dharma Donkey Sanctuary

Dingo Discovery Centre

Dog Valley Dahab Sinai Egypt

Dolphin Freedom Fighters

Drakenstein Lion Park

East Trentham Wildlife Shelter

Edgars Mission

Edward Said National Conservatory of Music

Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals

Egyptian Society of Animal Friends

Enkosini Wildlife Reserve

Environment East Gippsland

Environs Kimberley

Farm Animal Rescue

Fethiye Hayvan Dostlari Dernegi Turkey


Forever Friends Latrobe Valley

Free From Harm USA

Free Spirits Farm Sanctuary

Free the Bears Fund Laos

Freedom Farm Israel

Freedom4Animals Israel

Friendicoes SECA Animal Welfare Society

Friends of the Earth

FundaciĆ³n Altarriba Spain

Ginger Ninja Rescue

Glass Walls Israel

Grafton Animal Rescue

Greener Pastures Sanctuary Inc

Hahndorf Petshelp Shelter

Healesville Sanctuary

Help in Suffering - Jaipur

Help Save the Furry Ones

Hen Rescue NSW

Homeless Animals Protection Society Ethiopia

HOPE and Animal - Ranchi

Horse Racing Kills

Humane Society International

Humane Society Vic

Hunter Animal Watch

Huon Valley Environment Centre

HURO Primate Rescue India

In Defence of Animals Mumbai

International Animal & Bird Wildlife Society

International Anti-Poaching Foundation

IPAN Nilgiris

Israel Against Live Shipments

Jakarta Animal Aid Network

Joanne Hawken Cat Shelter

Kalahari Raptor Centre - South Africa

Kanyana Wildlife - Perth

Karuna Society

KDHSD Turkey

Kenneth Anderson Nature Society

Kinder World Israel

Korean Animal Protection Society


Last Chance for Animals

Lead the Way

Leo Tolstoy Centre for Ethics Ukraine

Lets Live Together Puppy Adoption

Libby's Koala & Wildlife Crusade Inc

Linis Gobyerno Philippines

Little Oak Sactuary

Live Gently

Loveland for Wildlife

Loving Homes Dog Rescue, UK

MagiCJack Productions

Mariamma Charitable Trust

McKee Project - Costa Rica

Monkey Helpline South Africa

Moorook Animal Shelter

Narbeview Wildlife Shelter Inc

National Trust for Nature Conservation - Nepal

Native Animal Network - Adelaide

New Hope Animal Rescue, UK

Nonhuman Rights Project

Nowzad Shelter Afghanistan


Orca Morgan - Canary Islands

Oscars Law

Outback Heritage Horse Association

Oxford Centre Of Ethics

PETA People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Palestine Animal Welfare Society

People for Animals Agra

People for Animals Alipurduar via HSI

People for Animals Bangalore via HSI

People for Animals Bhubaneswar

People for Animals Chandigarh

People for Animals Dehradoon

People for Animals Delhi

People for Animals Faridabad

People for Animals Gauhati

People for Animals Ghaziabad 1

People for Animals Ghaziabad 2

People for Animals Goa

People for Animals Guwahati

People for Animals Hoogly

People for Animals I Care Chennai

People for Animals J.P.Nagar

People for Animals Jalandhar

People for Animals Kasauli

People for Animals Khanna

People for Animals Kolkota

People for Animals Kollam

People for Animals Lucknow

People for Animals Mysore

People for Animals Nagpur

People for Animals Orissa

People for Animals Sangli

People for Animals Santiniketan

People for Animals Secunderabad

People for Animals Trivandrum

People for Animals Uttar Dinajpur

People for Animals Uttarakhand Unit II

People for Animals Varanasi

People for Animals Wardha

Pet Rescue

Petshaven Melbourne

Philippine Animal Welfare Society

Phnom Penh Rescue

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Plant and Animal Welfare Society

Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary

Prevention And Recovery Care Service

Pro Animale Germany

Protect our Native Ducks

Rattle the Cage Productions

Raw Can Cure

Raw Events

Rebecca Cappelli

Regulus Vision South Africa

Rehoming Horses

Rescued with Love

Robyn's Nest

Roo Gully Wildlife Sanctuary

RSPCA Victoria

Ruby Benjamin Foundation

Sambhava Equine Rescue

Save a Dog Scheme

Save African Rhino Foundation

Save Animals from Exploitation NZ

Save Elephant Foundation

Save our Animal Friends Sri Lanka

Say No to Animals in Pet shops

Scruffer Lovers Inc

Sea Shepherd

Seal Alert South Africa

Second Nature Films

Sentient Israel

Shark Defence Australia

Shear Existence

Sir David Attenborough

Sneha's Care Nepal

Snout South Africa

Society of Friends for Animals Kandy - Sri Lanka

Soi Dog Foundation Thailand

South African Mass Animal Sterilisation Trust


SPCA Thane

SPECIES Galapagos

Sri Lanka Animal Protection Society

Starting Over Israel

Steff Cambell

Sydney Animal Shelter

Thin Green Line

Towerhill Stables and Sanctuary Essex - UK

Townsville Against Live Export

Trinity College

Tsunami Animal People Alliance

Turkish Animal Rescue Organisation

Unity Films Productions

Vava Animal Shelter, Iran

Vegan Festival Adelaide

Vegan Friendly Israel

Vegan Rising

Vegan Society NSW

Vegan Society of Qld

Vegan Voice

Vegetarian Victoria

Vegucated UK

Vic for Wildlife

Victorian Lamb Rescue

Vishaka SPCA

Whale Rescue New Zealand

Wildlife at Risk Vietnam

Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand

Wildlife Protection Assn. of Australia Inc

Wildlife SOS

Wildlife Victoria


Wombat Awareness Organisation

Working for Animals Inc.

World Vegan Day


Youth for Conservation Kenya