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Winsome Constance Kindness was founded by Philip Wollen:

At age 34 he was Vice-President of Citibank. The Financial Press named him in the “Top 40 Brightest and Best” executives in Australia.

During his travels, by age 40 he’d witnessed cruelty so egregious he decided to do all he could to alleviate suffering, and give away everything he owned, with warm hands, and die broke. He jokes “So far, we are right on budget!”

Today, he is a “Venture Capitalist for Good Causes”, supporting some 500 mission-critical projects in 40+ countries.


He supports Children, Animals, & the Environment with schools, orphanages, animal protection, shelters, clinics, medicines, biogas plants, ambulances, bore-wells and films; sponsored a married couple (cancer survivors) to run one marathon a day for 366 consecutive days around Australia’s coast, funded marine vessels, whale & seal rescue centres, primate sanctuaries, food, disaster relief, homeless people, victims of domestic violence, scholarships, the arts, health, forests and oceans, and undercover anti-poaching operations. This is done through his operational “silos”, Kindness Farms, Kindness Oceans, Kindness Kids, Kindness Streets, Kindness Mobile Restaurants for the Homeless, Kindness House, a 40,000 square feet incubator providing free serviced offices to 300 high-achieving young people from over 40 NGOs.

Philip awards the annual Kindness Gold Medal & $20,000 Cash Prize to people who have devoted their lives in the service of others.

Hehas delivered speeches in the Parliament in The Hague, the Knesset Parliament in Israel, the European Parliament in Brussels, the Parliament of World Religions, Universities & International Congresses in many countries, & discussed ethics with Presidents, Prime Ministers, Members of Parliament, Nobel Laureates & Religious Leaders from the major faiths.

He is the Patron for many international groups. He has produced films, and written Forewords for books by eminent authors on animal rights, human health, the environment and corporate ethics. His words have been read by millions around the world and his speeches have gone viral on the internet with over 30 million viewers and independently translated into over 20 languages.

Philip likes to be invisible.

  • Rupert Murdoch’s newspapers accurately described him as “Reclusive”.

  • Announcement by the National Australia Day Council, Canberra 2007

"Who is Philip Wollen" ----- Philanthropic humanitarian.

"Through his kindness and generosity, Philip Wollen brings crucial help to many charitable causes and inspires others to share his humanitarian values and ideals. His achievements in the business world mark him as a man of action and he channels this energy into practical outcomes for the causes he champions through the Winsome Constance Kindness Initiative. Philip promotes kindness towards all other living beings and strives to enshrine this as a recognisable trait in the Australian character and culture. The measure of his support can be seen in the extraordinary list of organisations the Winsome Constance Kindness Initiative supports, benefiting children, animals, the ill, the environment and aspiring youth. Essentially a private man, he seeks no personal publicity but is not afraid to step into the limelight for a just cause".



  • The Order of Australia Medal in The Queen’s Birthday Honours.

  • Australian of the Year (Victoria).

  • Honorary Fellow of the Oxford Centre of Animal Ethics, UK.

  • Distinguished Alumni Award from The University of Adelaide.

  • Australian Humanitarian Award, Australia

  • Supreme Master Shining World Hero Award, Asia

  • Cottonian of Eminence Award, India

  • Humanitarian Award McKee Project, Costa Rica

  • Sea Shepherd Volunteer of the Decade, Australia

  • The Albert Schweitzer Award, USA

  • The Peter Singer Prize and Medal, Berlin, Germany

  • Homo Ahimsa Award, In Defence of Animals, USA..